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Discover the exquisite Universe blue tile, guaranteed to add a touch of opulence and sophistication to your walls and floors. Create an elegant and luxurious space with the timeless beauty of Universe Blue.

Experience the true meaning of luxury with the Universe tile. Its opulent design brings an air of sophistication and exclusivity to your walls and floors, elevating your space to new levels of elegance and beauty. Make a statement with the timeless allure of Universe Blue.

Transform your walls and floors into a stunning masterpiece with Universe tile. As natural light touches this tile, its shimmering surface comes to life, creating a dazzling display of elegance.

Elevate your home with the ethereal beauty of Universe Blue tile. As sunlight dances across its shimmering surface, watch as your walls and floors come to life, transforming them into works of art that exude sophistication and luxury.

Indulge in the timeless elegance of Universe Blue tile and elevate your living space. Behold your walls and floors being reborn into masterpieces, drenched in sophistication and opulence.

Key Features
  • 1.08m2 per box
  • Size: 30x60
  • Polished Finish 
  • Wall & Floor tile 
  • 6 pcs per box
  • Blue 
  • Shine detail