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Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the best bathroom tiles for you:

Selecting the ideal bathroom tiles for your residence is a critical selection. After all, you'll be living with these tiles for years to come. Fortunately, you'll have a broad array of tile options to select from. To help in determining the optimum choice of bathroom tiles, here are several aspects to bear in mind.

When selecting a tile for your bathroom, first consider its shape and size. Then, decide if you'd like a timeless classic or more modern aesthetic. After that, determine the desired hue, be it striking and bright or subdued and demure. Lastly, select a tile that fits your budget, as both porcelain and ceramic tiles come at varied price points.

Weighing up all considerations, you can make the optimal decision on the bathroom tiles for your residence. An integral attribute of any restroom, tiles boast both practicality and visual appeal. In a myriad of materials, hues, shapes, and sizes, this element provides inexhaustible chances to fabricate the ideal look of any bathroom.

By selecting and installing tiles judiciously, you can craft an area that is both gorgeous and utilitarian. From traditional ceramic to luxurious marble, there exists something for each budget and aesthetic. With sufficient upkeep, tiles can remain in place for an extended period, improving the worth of your dwelling.

Our Kendal Showroom

Our Kendal warehouse is abounding with tile selections, ranging from classic to contemporary in any hue imaginable. Our luxurious porcelain and ceramic designs blend traditional and modern styles for both walls and floors. From marble tiles to stone effects, patterned wall tiles, and more — be sure to peruse our selection to find the perfect fit for your taste.

  • love
    Save 17%
    Original Price £63.19
    from £52.44

    Love Marble Gold

    The Love Marble tile takes its inspiration from the alluring beauty of marble and its signature veining. Its ultra-sleek, highly polished surface ...

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  • unika grey tile
    unika grey tile
    Save 7%
    Original Price £46.43
    from £43.18

    Unika Grey 30X60

    Part of the UNIKA collection here at Smart Tiles, the Unika Grey tile draws inspiration from the timelessly stately floors of European castles, sea...

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  • akoya
    from £48.51

    Akoya Ocean

    The Akoya Ocean tile collection takes inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of Akoya pearl shells and offers an indulgent design reminiscent of ...

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  • metro
    Save 14%
    Original Price £28.99
    from £25.00

    Metro Bone 10x20

    The Metro Bone tile is an elegant, classical ceramic tile with beveled edges that can be used to enhance the style of both kitchens and bathrooms. ...

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