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Metallic Green

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Aparici proudly presents Metallic Green; a fusion of metal and concrete, made to perfection with the latest digital imaging technology. This porcelain tile collection will elevate the look of any home or office because of it's sophisticated style and luxurious visual appeal.
Also offering a timeless touch of glamour, this tile showcases a high-end look with the strength of full body porcelain. It's the perfect tile for any space seeking an elegant, modern twist.

Furthermore, the Aparici Metallic Green tile grants a captivating, atmosphere with its sophisticated shimmer and extraordinary style. Create a unique, industrial abode with the collection's many sizes and subtle hues.

Designed to bring a subtle glamour and contemporary flair to your home, the Aparici Metallic Green tile also offers extraordinary distress-style texture and sophisticated shimmer elevate any space with artful sophistication. Create a truly unique space with the range of sizes, colors, and textures offered.

The exceptional vintage natural coating, showing a metal texture. Ideal for a variety of wall and floor, bathrooms, and kitchens. Metallic-green tiles also offer a unique reflective metal plating, perfect for interior design projects.

This distinctive and also timeless, wall and floor tile features an eye-catching shimmered finish that will instantly elevate any project. Drawing from luxurious metal finishes, Metallic Green emulates an aged finish, offering a glimpse of a classic era.

  • Material: Glazed Porcelain   
  • Suitability: Wall Tile & Floor Tile     
  • Slip Rating: R10    
  • Origin: Spain     
  • Brand: Aparici Ceramica
  • Feature: Rectified Edge     
  • Colour: Green Tile