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** Contact Us for current Discount Codes **

ABK Tile Stockist

ABK is one of the most recognised Italian tile factories. At Smart Tiles, we are proud to deal directly with ABK. As an ABK tile stockist, we showcase and stock their products in our Cumbria showroom and warehouses. ABK sets trends when it comes to porcelain stoneware. The ABK Dolphin range is a best seller when it comes to wood effect porcelain tiles. Perfect as a Kitchen and Bathroom tile, this wood effect porcelain tile showcases the water-resistant properties of a tile while exhibiting the beauty of natural wood flooring.

Take a look at the best selling Breccia marble and more tiles from ABK.  Breccia Melange Lux Polished Tile 60x120 - Smart Tiles UK (

 ABK Ranges 

ABK Wide & Style Mini, Crossroad Chalk, Crossroad Wood, Sensi Signoria, Sensi Gems, Blend, Atlantis, Ghost, Lab325, Nest, Sensi Wide, Interno 9 Wide, Alpes Wide, Secret, Sensi, Do Up Touch, Interno 9, Dolphin, Do Up, Downtown Colours, Unika, Soleras, Docks, Downtown, Re-Work, Fossil, Grace & Papier.

A leading UK ABK tile stockist. Delivery available throughout most of the UK