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What is Engineered wood flooring?

Engineered Wood Flooring vs Solid Wood

A real wood flooring. Engineered wooden floors offer ease and practicality compared to solid wood. The design of engineered wood, consists of a top layer of real wood that sits atop a timber board. Therefore, providing greater stability and easier installation.

So, with very few differences between engineered and solid wood, choosing an engineered wood floor for your home boasts many benefits.  

Engineered wood at Smart Tiles

We host a variety of engineered wood options. From charming rustic oak floors to deep walnut planks, we are sure you'll be spoilt for choice! Deciding which flooring is right for you depends on the colour tones, style and finish you have in mind. 

Take a look at our complete collection of wood flooring by following the link below.

Wood Flooring Collection-Smart Tiles

Our full range of engineered floors is sure to include something for every taste. But, with a great range of options, we know choosing the right flooring can be a big task. With this in mind, take a look at some of our favourite planks, for inspiration on your next wood flooring project.

Introducing Vermont Oak

A charming engineered oak flooring with a brush textured finish. This wood flooring is light in tone and has a soft rustic and inviting style. 

For more information on Vermont Oak, visit the link below. 

Vermont Oak- Smart Tiles  




Introducing American Walnut 

This American walnut flooring, boasts deeply rich and warming tones adding a luxurious cosy feel to your home. This wood is finished with a UV oil for a protective and appealing shine.
Visit the link below for more information on American Walnut.

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